MyViking - Student Planner


If you are able to login to the MyViking portal, but unable to access the Student Planner, click on "Start Ticket".

Once you are logged into the MyViking portal:
Click on "Student Planner"
Click on "Home" in the top navigation bar

The information displayed in the Student Planner is dependant on the term selected in the top right corner. Change the term by clicking on it (Example: (Fall 2022) or (Summer 2023))
"My Profile" - Update mailing address, opt-in / opt-out for text messages and 1098t
"My Plan" - Enroll for classes and contact your Success Coach for assistance with registration
"My Schedule" - View your class start date, time, instructor name, and building location once you are enrolled in class
"My Transcript" - View unofficial transcript or request an official transcript by visiting
"My Documents" - Review and sign/upload the incomplete documents
"My Financial Aid" - Review and accept financial aid, pell, and grants
"My Ledger" - Pay outstanding balance, review refund options, or setup a payment plan


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