New Student Advising


Please follow the instructions below to schedule an appointment with your Success Coach. Following these steps will help you to easily make an appointment that best fits your schedule.

  1. Log into MyViking
  2. Select “Student Planner”
  3. Select “My Plan” in the Home drop down menu
  4. Click on your Success Coach’s name on the right side of the page and then click “schedule appointment”

Note: You must be an admitted student before success coaches can assist you with course registration. If you are not sure of your admission status, please contact prior to scheduling an appointment.


Success Coaches

You can schedule an appointment with the Success Coach for your pathway in your Student Planner.

  • Director of Success Coaches
  • Assistant Director of Success Coaches
  • Success Coach for the Public Service Pathway
  • Success Coach for the Industrial Technologies Pathway
  • Success Coach for the Arts and Humanities Pathway
  • Success Coach for the STEM Pathway
  • Success Coach for the Health Science Pathway
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